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Welcome to the Theory of the Children Reality, the Theory of Everything Internet book.

Note, the HUMAN mating format presented here is also part of the author's life's work.  The author's name is Jerry.

The intellectual works presented on this web site are the ACHIEVEMENTS of the author of this web site.

For an introduction to the Theory of the Children Reality, the Theory of Everything, please go to: TCR Introduction.

For the knowledge of the CORRECT HUMAN mating format, please read The Human Mating Format.

The CORRECT theory of the Human mating format is given on this website.  The GOVERNMENT'S mating format is absolutely NOT the HUMAN mating format.  The GOVERNMENT just enforces their knowledge of ANIMALS.  The STANDARD Human mating format takes the MATING of OPPOSITE genders to its absolute and final conclusion, called SOULMATES.  SOULMATES is NOT a one-in-a-million MYTH.  SOULMATES is the STANDARD Human mating format.  And the information is right in front of your eyes.  The STANDARD HUMAN mating format is the most ascended mating format there could ever be on any world, or in any universe or in ANY POSSIBLE REALITY anywhere.  Instead, though, the GOVERNMENT enforces their knowledge of the mating format of COCKROACHES.  Whenever you are looking at the HUMAN BODY, you are looking at the THEORY of SOULMATES.  The HUMAN mating format is something I am an EXPERT on, and it's also something I RANT about a lot.

The webmail, publisher, profile and friends web software were designed and hand-coded by the author of this website.

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